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Hello - and a big welcome!

I’m Vonny and I love living here in the South West. I have a passion for all of Nature, feeling a certain peace and stillness whenever I am in touch with it whether that be the forest, or wild moorland, sunshine or storms.


I also love counselling with a passion and feel incredibly privileged to be involved in a therapeutic relationship with my Clients.


I recognise the difficulties around accessing Counselling. Visiting a Counsellor many years ago I felt anxious about the whole process and with many questions.


Would I be able to relate to the Counsellor? Would they judge me? Would they be perfect and therefore see me as imperfect? Would they find me and what I had to bring acceptable? What about the logistics of a first contact - phone, email etc?

Email felt the best for me, and a quick chat was offered too. Happily, as soon as we met it somehow felt ok; they were human, just like me, and the realisation grew that this was a space in which I could just be myself. The knowledge was there also that if it hadn’t felt ok, then I could safely say ‘thank you but I’m not sure this feels right for me.’

Accanto translated from Italian

means 'next to' or 'beside' which is

exactly where I will be for you


This experience informs my approach which is calm, unstuffy and relaxed. There is the absolute recognition that ‘YOU’ know better than anyone else about what you want and what you need. I’m excited to have an understanding of your life through your eyes which then allows for me to discover and establish where your struggles lie.

It is the relationship that can develop between you and myself that will define our entirely confidential work. Trust, consistency and the knowledge that you are no longer alone in this can produce fertile ground for deep and productive work. The burdens you carry can be gently unpicked, and patterns of behaviour and interaction explored in ways suited uniquely to your needs.

"I prefer to think of my Clients and

myself as fellow travellers"

Irvin Yalom


The lens through which you once saw your life can be sharpened in a way that brings things into new and life changing perspective.


Expectation, pressure and judgment have no place in this Counselling room. Whatever you want to bring and how you want to bring it is welcome.


During one of my trainings a lead Tutor passed on something I will never forget - they said ‘Be an Agent For Hope!’ I am absolutely that because I fundamentally believe in the ongoing process and possibilities of personal development and deep healing.

For more information please go to the FAQs page 

Contact me here for a brief WhatsApp Chat or to send me an email.

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