A Word on Counselling for Men........a changing attitude

It used to be a sad reflection on life that men were silenced by stereotypical gender roles and felt unwilling or unable to access Counselling for whatever emotional challenge they were facing.

Happily, because of changing attitudes and a healthy new awareness things are now shifting.

A new strength is emerging where men can now feel empowered by accessing their feelings and giving voice to them.

Here at Accanto you are encouraged to move into a safe and compassionate space which can allow for you to feel entirely authentic. Emotions can be explored and perhaps embraced which can bring challenge but also a fresh and exciting outlook.

There are no expectations and no pressures, this is a space where you can bring anything that feels important to you, in the knowledge that your voice will be heard and your feelings will be validated.


It is important that it feels right for you to work alongside me, and I offer a reduced fee initial 60 minute session for this purpose.


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