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Mentoring for Counsellors

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring can be about a Mentee and Mentor entering into an enhancing therapeutic relationship.
The Mentor can offer their life experiences, abilities, insights, knowledge and learning to the Mentee, who may be looking for development and growth via the medium of exploration, discussion and/or solution, with another who may have life experience that enriches their journey.


The relationship is more reciprocal than traditional counselling or coaching (by necessity) so that the Mentor can draw on and share their own experiences and knowledge if requested, with the intention of benefit to the Mentee.

Each Mentee has their own journey and their own experiences. This is not a relationship about being led and advised but more about discovery, potential and support.

The success of this entirely confidential relationship can depend on the commitment and involvement from both parties.

My role as Mentor

This can be as broad a role as the Mentee wishes. It can be according to your personal journey and may be about your growth as a Counsellor, choices and decisions you would like to explore or perhaps a spiritual journey you are undertaking.
Spiritual can mean many things to many people and can be faith based, of no faith, or something else that carries great depth for you.
There are no constraints regarding what you wish to bring.

I can bring structure, if that is your choice - aims/goals/action plans, or our sessions can be fluid, open and adventurous. My commitment is to walk alongside you respectfully and kindly. Setting out on my own journey taught me how easily our self esteem and confidence can be shattered by a few ill chosen words.

You will be met with a sincere wish from me to encourage and motivate, to offer options and noting opportunities as they arise.
I will extend gentle but honest constructive feedback in ways that motivate and allow you to feel that your direction of travel is supported and underpinned.

This, like any other healthy relationship will have clear boundaries, but it is important that the one we share offers perhaps more access than a traditional therapeutic relationship and therefore there will be opportunity for WhatsApp (or other medium by discussion) in between sessions.

As a Counsellor/Internal Family Systems Therapist and former business owner, I have steered my way through challenging training processes, together with the demands of setting up my own Private Practice. I have also discovered helpful ways to navigate many of life’s curve balls that are frequently thrown our way. These have shaped my philosophy and approach towards flourishing rather than just surviving. Finally it is important to understand that we all experience testing times where moving forward can sometimes feel almost impossible. I have absolute empathy with this.

I can offer mentoring in tandem with IFS (or not) which is known as a Spiritual Therapy.
I have a long term interest in compassionate enquiry and the philosophies that accompany this.
Spirituality can be about connection with a personal belief of where you meet with a deeper experiencing higher self, and discovery of this can be both exciting and courageous.

What you might want to know:

Each session will be 60 minutes long.

Fee £65.00 per session which includes reasonable and agreed access between sessions.

Monthly sessions are recommended.

If you are a member of the BACP, being Mentored counts towards CPD hours.

As with my other role as Counsellor I offer two concessionary places (£50) to Students or to anyone finding it difficult to meet this fee. This is strictly on a first come first served basis.

Your first step can be about using the contact form to arrange an initial chat to explore your needs

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